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Capturing Love and Joy: Sydney and Ryan's Romantic Wedding Day at Ashton Gardens

Sydney and Ryan's wedding day at Ashton Gardens was a true testament to love, joy, and the beauty of simple elegance. As their photographer, I had the privilege of witnessing their special day unfold, capturing every heartfelt moment and capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

From the moment we arrived at Ashton Gardens, and even before the big day, it was clear that this day was going to be something truly special. Sydney and Ryan, along with their friends and family, welcomed us with open arms, making us feel like guests rather than "just vendors".

The wedding itself was full of romance, with a color palette of lush greenery and delicate white flowers. The decor was simple yet elegant - and perfectly complemented Sydney and Ryan!

When it comes to the perfect wedding day, my team and I were determined to make everything run smoothly. Especially on a day where the venue requires a tight timeline. Before the big day, Sydney, Ryan and I created a timeline that allowed us to capture every precious moment without any compromises. The pressure was on - but I am so thankful for the team we've built! We embraced this tight timeline wholeheartedly, ensuring that Sydney and Ryan could relax and enjoy their day without worrying about a thing. Major shoutout to our assistant Joel that KILLED it - running around doing all the behind the scenes things so myself, Matt and Johnny (our third shooter) could focus on capturing the moments.

Here is a quick look at their wedding day!

Sydney and Ryan's love story is as beautiful as their wedding day. From high school sweethearts to best friends, it was so apparent their relationship reminded everyone present of the true meaning of marriage.

As Sydney beautifully put it, Ryan's kindness shines through in everything he does. Together, they bring out the best in each other, creating a foundation built on love, respect, and laughter.

In addition to capturing stunning photographs, our video team was able to bring the day to life through film! As a four-person team, including one photographer, one assistant, and two videographers, we worked seamlessly together to ensure that every moment was captured from multiple angles! Check out their wedding teaser below :)

Sydney and Ryan's wedding at Ashton Gardens was a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. It was an honor to be a part of their special day and to witness the beginning of their journey as husband and wife! Cheers to a lifetime of love and happiness for this beautiful couple!

Looking for a husband and wife photo/video team!? You've found the perfect fit :) Reach out to us now on our contact page!

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