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Wedding Spotlight: Alana & Elizabeth Walt Disney World Wedding

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

What a magical weekend it was celebrating Alana & Elizabeth!

Their day was at the gorgeous Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. On our calls before the wedding day, Alana told me how she always wanted to get married at Disney - however, Elizabeth always wanted to get married at Hotel Del Coronado. But, do you know what resort has characteristics of the Hotel Del Coronado? Disney's Grand Florida Resort & Spa!

Getting to the big day wasn't easy for these these two. They had quite a few bumps with Disney's Fairytale Weddings because pretty much every spot within the resort these two were interested in celebrating at was under construction. MASSIVE construction. I'm talking scaffolding and walls up everywhere. So though it was a little touch and go there for a minute... something truly magical happened. The Grand Floridian Lobby construction was COMPLETE the day before their wedding! I'm talking walls down, 100% complete, and the lobby was ready to go just for their first look!

These two got ready in some of the most gorgeous rooms at the resort. Surrounded by so many friends, the laughter (and tequila!) filled the room!

The tears started flowing early this day, and the whole day was full of beautiful emotion. I just love it when people allow themselves to feel and let the tears flow!

Their first look was one of those moments. Alana was in tears before even turning around to see Elizabeth! It was the most touching moment - I don't think there was a dry eye in the room! And they were able to have this moment in the spot they wanted!! Thanks to construction being done!

After the first look we headed over to the Wedding Pavilion. Disney's Wedding Pavilion is one of the most gorgeous venues I've every seen... the room is so bright, light, and sparkling. The chandelier is my favorite and is full of sparkling crystals. The stain glass on the window causes a gorgeous, colorful light to shine through the windows. And the BEST part is the view of Cinderella's Castle through the back window at the alter.

Their ceremony was something special. Alana has three kids, and each one took turns walking her down the aisle - it was a gorgeous moment. Alana then waited at the end of the aisle for Elizabeth to come down with her parents - and I may or may not have gotten teary eyed when I saw Alana's reaction to seeing her bride.

Their ceremony included the most touching vows to one another, and vows from Alana's three children to Elizabeth. You can really tell how special this family is by the way Alana's kids spoke about their love for Elizabeth.

After the ceremony, and some time with couple for portraits, we headed to Whitehall Rooms & Patio for a celebration! Guests enjoyed delicious appetizers and desserts - including an amazing churro bar that was the best smelling thing EVER.

You can tell how special their friends and family are to them as they all hung out, ate, talked and laughed.

The night ended with a BANG at the Grand Floridian Marina for a Firework & Dessert party! What is so special about Elizabeth and Alana, is they wanted to take this moment to enjoy with their guests. So they invited family and friends to stand with them in the primo viewing area for the firework show. They sang EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. to Happily Every After Firework Spectacular and I cannot WAIT to watch that footage back hahaha.

We are so thankful that they found us - last minute, but just at the perfect time!

*We do not own the rights to the music in the video above. Music from Instagram Reels.

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