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Wedding Spotlight: Alexandria & Tyler Heverly

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

This rainy day was the MOST. FUN!

When we first met Alexandria and Tyler, they felt like instant friends of ours.

This sweet couple booked us back in June of 2022 - so there were many months of chatting and planning that led up to their gorgeous big day.

Tyler and Alex’s got married in January of 2023 at the stunning Valley View Venue in Alachua, Florida. This venue fit this couple’s classy, southern, and simple vibe so well. The gorgeous, colorful florals were the perfect touch of elegance for white barn style venue.

We got to shoot with one of our very favorite photographers - June Rose Photography! June is the most fun, creative photographer we’ve worked with. She moves QUICK and we get so many unique and thoughtful shots every time we work with her. Both June and I love directing our couples with unique poses and movements, so we bounce off each other all day with good shot after great shot after amazing shot. Work with us and you’ll hear “OMG IM IN LOVE” and “YOU’RE SO GORGEOUS” about 500 times on a wedding day.

Tyler and Alex were truly meant for each other! You can feel their love for each other when you are with them - the way Tyler looks at Alex will just melt your heart! And the way she laughs around him is magical.

Here is a quick teaser of their stunning wedding day!

Feature Film coming soon!

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