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Wedding Email Addresses... Dos and Don'ts

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Here is my 2 cents...

DON'T create a wedding email address... unless you're really good at checking email.

Is checking your email like a 6th sense for you? Are you constantly making sure your personal and work emails are cleaned out and not full of unopened emails? If yes... then maybe a wedding email is a great idea! If the answer was no... keep reading.

It is definitely "trendy" to create your own Gmail with your names or future last name to use for just wedding planning. There are GREAT uses for this... don't get me wrong. When searching for vendors and sending out 6-8 emails to the same type of vendor... when you get replies they won't flood your personal email. Which is great!!

However... there are two big reasons I would say avoid a wedding email and use your personal:

  1. Once every vendor is booked and it starts to get closer to your wedding date... if a vendor needs to reach you, this may be their only form of contact for you. And if checking email is not a 6th sense for you, and you only check the wedding email every 2 weeks, you may miss a very important email from a vendor that is in need of a quick answer.

  2. CHECK IT AFTER THE WEDDING. This is my BIGGEST reason against these email addresses... just cause the wedding is over, doesn't mean you shouldn't check that email address anymore. 3 months after your wedding when your wedding film is done I want you to be able to see it RIGHT away. We also send out discounts, deals, and more information after weddings that our couple's will want to see. So if you think that after the wedding is over you won't need that email address anymore... that just isn't true!

So still want to have a wedding email address? That's ok! You do you! But here is what I recommend:

  1. Set up notification for that email address. If you do not check it often, turn on notifications so when something important does come through you see it.

  2. Once you book your vendor, they will probably ask for more contact information. Don't just give them the wedding email - give them a personal as well. If you want them to only email the wedding one, let them know! But this at least gives them a back up in case they need to get to you quickly or haven't heard from you!

So what about you? Are you planning to have a wedding email address?

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