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Budgeting for Your Dream Wedding: Prioritizing Must-Have Vendors

Planning a wedding is a joyous occasion, but it often comes with many challenges including managing a budget. At first, engaged couples don't always understand the true cost of bringing their dream wedding to life.

It's no secret that planning a wedding can be expensive. The overwhelming amount of decisions to be made, from the venue to the flowers, can quickly add up. A common mistake couples make is underestimating the costs involved and failing to prioritize their budget effectively.

Bride and groom holding bouquet of flowers at wedding at Epping Forest in Jacksonville, Florida

We've unfortunately seen this too many times.

In the world of wedding planning, not all vendors are created equal. When it comes to videography and photography, the importance of skilled professionals cannot be overstated. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and investing in quality services will ensure that those memories are captured in the best possible way. Your photographer and videographer are also the people that are with you the MOST on your wedding day - literally for 10 hours or so. So it is not only important to find a skilled professional - but one that you like to have around!

Our advice to engaged couples is simple: prioritize your budget around the vendors that matter most to you. Begin by pricing out your must-have vendors and building those costs into your budget before finalizing any plans. While it might be tempting to cut costs in certain areas, compromising on essential, must-haves like videography can lead to regrets down the line. For example - if you're overall budget is $60,000 - before you start to just guess what the breakdown of that should be - look into your must have vendors! If an AMAZING dance floor is the top of the list, figure out that cost and begin to build your budget around that.

We have had the privilege of working with couples who understood the importance of prioritizing quality vendors. They look back on their big day and see the value of investing in skilled professionals. In our experience, couples who prioritize their budget around must-have vendors often express greater satisfaction with their overall wedding experience. (Not to toot my own horn... but it is my blog...) Couple's who book with us tend to rave about how impressed they were with Matt and I on their wedding day. Like I said, your photo video team is literally beside you for 10 hours on your wedding day - so for it to be people you like is very important. Often times our clients tell us how having us with them on their day meant so much because we were able to guide them in a way throughout their wedding day that no other vendor would - and we had so much fun while doing it!

When it comes to budgeting for your dream wedding, always keep in mind that your wedding memories are priceless. While the cake may be gone, and the flowers may wilt, the moments captured in your wedding video and photos will last a lifetime. At Honeycomb Films, we are committed to providing not just a service, but an investment in memories that will be cherished for generations. Reach out now, and let's chat about how we can best capture your wedding day!

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