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Wedding Budgeting: Start with Your Dream Team

The journey into wedding planning is a thrilling adventure, filled with dreams, visions, and the promise of a beautiful day that reflects your unique love story. At Honeycomb Films, we understand the significance of crafting a wedding day that resonates with your dreams, and that journey begins with the wedding budgeting.

First step: envision your dream team. Prioritize by allocating your budget to the essentials: a planner, venue, and a dynamic photography and videography duo. These key components lay the foundation for a seamlessly executed and visually stunning big day!

Wedding at Epping Forest in Jacksonville, Florida

Wedding planning can lead to unexpected surprises. Our advice? Reach out to vendors early in your planning process to gather accurate pricing. This ensures that your dream vendors, those who will elevate your day to extraordinary heights, are within reach. Begin planning the budget around your must-have vendors.

When it comes to photography and videography, a common misconception is that videography should be budgeted less. In reality, allocating equal time and resources to both is essential. Additionally, videography often requires additional coverage time for establishing shots and drone work - to add those cinematic touches. Choosing a company that offers both photography and videography ensures not only a consistent style but also a harmonious collaboration between the two professionals capturing your day. At Honeycomb Films, we pride ourselves on being your one-stop-shop for capturing the essence of your love story through both lenses.

Budgeting can be overwhelming. It important to craft a budget based on real numbers, not what you assume something should cost. Budgeting isn't about cutting corners; it's about making meaningful choices that enhance the essence of your wedding day. Prioritize the elements that matter most to you and your partner, ensuring that every dollar spent contributes to the overall magic of your celebration.

Some important aspects to consider:

  • Stationery is more than just invitations; it's the first glimpse into the aesthetic of your day. Invest in menus, programs, and day-of signage to create a cohesive visual narrative.

  • Tipping vendors is a thoughtful gesture, and while not expected, it's always appreciated.

  • Don't forget the bridal party – consider meaningful gifts that express your gratitude.

  • When it comes to floral arrangements, quality should always take precedence over quantity. Opt for real flowers in minimal arrangements over elaborate fake alternatives. Your bouquet, in particular, is a focal point that deserves special attention.

Start with an overall number of what you would like to stay within for your big day, then start to add those categories after researching. Here is what I recommend including:

  • Planner

  • Photo/Video/Content Capturing

  • Venue

  • Catering and Bar

  • Ceremony Decor

  • Reception and table Decor

  • Rentals - linens or furniture

  • Transportation

  • Getting ready spaces

  • Florals

  • Hair and Make up

  • Bridal and groom outfits

  • Gifts for bridesmaids, groomsmen, family

  • Honeymoon

  • Additional fees you might run across along the way like a dress hanger, food for the morning of, and tips

Ready to embark on the journey of crafting your dream wedding? Reach out to us for a consultation and let's start planning the magical day you've always envisioned!

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