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Tipping Etiquette: Recognition Beyond Expectations

Let's talk about tips. A hard topic for some to talk about.

There is often a lot of uncertainty around tipping on wedding days. A question I see brides ask all the time on Facebook pages and groups is who to tip and how much to tip them. The answers... are usually all over the place.

Firstly, let's debunk a common myth: Tipping is expected by everyone. Wrong. Tipping is not expected from vendors who own their own companies. Matt and I, as the proud owners of Honeycomb Films, never expect a tip! Like, ever. However, it's crucial to recognize that when we do receive one, it's not just appreciated; it's a heartwarming acknowledgment of the hard work, dedication, and passion we pour into every project. When we receive a tip - we get so giddy. Like really... because someone recognized the extra mile we go for all our couples.

Another common myth? "Wedding vendors include a tip amount into what they charge." Heck no. Why do we refrain from incorporating tips into our prices? Simple – we believe in transparency. Our prices cover our expenses, time, and expertise. We didn't just pull a number from the sky - we are very intentional with our pricing. And when building it out I didn't say "I think I deserve an extra $200 for this wedding." Nope! We don't add a tip to pricing ever. And though that is a personal choice, and many other vendors operate similarly.

What are some alternatives to monetary trip? Gifts are another wonderful way to express appreciation! A thoughtful coffee mug or a heartfelt thank-you note can convey gratitude just as effectively as a monetary tip. Remember, tipping is a personal decision and should align with your feelings about the services provided! We've received very heartfelt gifts, things that align with our personality, and it means the world. Because not only did we connect with the client, it shows they connected with us, too!

The BEST tip though? An amazing review online. Really. Like really, really. Reviews are worth millions in today's industry. Future clients are looking for companies with great reviews. And not just generic reviews - but reviews that show how much the company went above and beyond and a review that is unique to that couple and their day. A future client wants to be able to picture their own wedding experience in your review. (Speaking of - If we've ever worked together, we'd always appreciate your review!)

Giving a monetary tip on the wedding day? Timing is key. If you decide to give a tip, ensure it's done before the send-off. The end time of a wedding may be 10 pm, but with the send-off and other post-reception activities, it could stretch to 10:15 pm or later. Don't make your vendors linger for an additional 30 minutes if you tell them you want to give them something; be considerate of their time and energy (and how much their feet hurt at this point! Haha!) Especially vendors booked for a certain timeframe. We are just ready to head out and get our post wedding McDonalds fries and climb into bed if I'm being honest...

Now, the big question: should tipping be left to a subjective decision on the wedding day? Meaning, leave it to your planner or venue coordinator to decide who gets a tip? Our firm stance is no. Planning ahead for tipping is essential. Rather than leaving it to the last minute or relying on a planner to determine if a vendor "deserves it," take control of the situation. Plan the tips in advance and ensure they are distributed by you, and only you (or trusted love one/groom/mom/an extension of you), based on your evaluation of the vendors' performance. Only you, your groom, and possibly your parents )who may be helping pay for your vendors) knows their performance. When working with us, it is very apparent that we don't only give great service on the wedding day, but for months before and months after. Don't leave it up to someone who just works with a vendor for 8 hours on if they deserve a tip or not.

In a world where recognition often comes in the form of payment, tipping stands as a genuine acknowledgment of the extra effort, dedication, and care invested by vendors in making your day extraordinary. So, whether it's a tip, a gift, a heartfelt thank-you note, or a review, it is always kind to recognize and appreciate the hard work that transforms your wedding day dreams into reality!!

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