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Here is your reminder...

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Here is your reminder to... Steam your getting ready robes/pjs!

It's often on everyone's list to steam the dress or the veil - but if you're wanting to get pictures of you and your girls in the cute robes or PJs you took time picking out... make sure those are steamed, too!

Often time the getting ready outfit is a silk like material, and those hold creases like no other! The fold that comes when it arrives in the packing... are the folds you will have in all your getting ready shots if you don't steam them out. So add this to your list now: steam out the getting ready outfits!

BONUS TIP! Do all steaming the NIGHT BEFORE THE WEDDING. You heard me. Night. Before. Not morning of, not during getting ready... nope. Day before! What they say is so, so true - steaming your dresses after getting your hair and make up done can and will ruin your hair and make up. You spent a lot of money on it, and someone spent a lot of time on it... you don't want it to be ruined or go flat!

We often see bridesmaids steaming their dresses in the same room as the bride getting her hair done... AND while they are already in full glam! Please... don't do this! You'll thank me later :)

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