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Rainy Day Truth

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Let’s talk rain on your wedding day… and here is the honest truth.

Video (and photo… and dj… and etc) equipment is expensive. And can be ruined in the rain… what I carry in my hand on a wedding day is about 3X my monthly rent, so if that were to be ruined by rain, I would be DEVASTATED. And our company would hurt, too.

HOWEVER - I say this just to inform (not scare) you because it can be often looked over. Many, many reputable vendors like ourselves plan for rain. We know what to do to keep ourselves, our bride, and our equipment as dry as possible. Not all vendors do though… so if your heart is set on your outside only venue, it is worth asking your potential vendors what they do on rainy days and how it looks different than a non-rainy wedding day.


If you know it is going to rain on your big day (like it’s 2 hours before and a 95% chance) consider asking vendors around you what they would do if you proceeded with the ceremony out in the rain. Of if you should move to the backup location.

If we are asked… though sometimes things can change based on the venue and day… here is our typical answer:

We are equipped to capture weddings in the rain! (As long as it isn't a downpour with strong wind.) We both have weather sealed cameras and lenses. (Meaning a little rain won’t do much harm, but a complete downpour is a different story.) For rain, we use camera rain bags or umbrellas. In the worst of rain, only one of us shoots while the other holds an umbrella!

This *however* does look different than a day without rain or an indoor shoot on a rainy day. In the rain we cannot set up a third camera for a third ceremony angle. We also cannot use our stabilizers (gimbal) or external equipment like monitors or audio recording equipment. These are all things that allow for us to get the best shots we can... like the ones in our portfolio. We are ALL FOR doing what we can to make sure your wedding dreams come true… and if that is to keep your ceremony outside rain or shine… we are totally in! BUT just remember that your footage may look different than what we could capture if we stayed in a dry location :) Want the best of the best shots? Let's plan to move your wedding under cover!

What are your thoughts on a rainy day wedding? Let me know in the comments below!

Want to learn more about the difference in our rainy day gear kit and regular gear kit? Let me know!

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