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Capturing Your Love Story

Your wedding day is full of emotions, full of love that deserves to be captured authentically and beautifully. We often hear couples searching for wedding photos and videos that go beyond traditional, posed shots. Couples are loving candid wedding videography and photography! And so do I! They want personality, romantic yet fun, and reflective of their unique love story. At Honeycomb Films, we pride ourselves on delivering exactly what our clients are looking for!

Bride taps her father on the shoulder for first look on wedding day

Our approach to wedding videography and photography is centered around capturing not just the grand, expected moments but also the small, intimate, and often overlooked details in between. We believe that these moments are just as crucial in telling your love story. Your wedding day is a collection of moments that quickly become memories, and we want to capture just as many of these moments as we can.

As a husband and wife team with almost six years of experience, we recognize that no two love stories are alike. Each couple is unique, and their wedding film should reflect that individuality. When you choose Honeycomb Films, you're not just getting videographers and photographers; you're getting storytellers who are genuinely invested in bringing out your personalities and who you are as a couple.

bride looks at wedding dress before getting ready on her wedding day

We take the time to know our clients on a personal level, understanding their personalities so that it shines through in their films. This connection allows us to create films that aren't cookie-cutter replicas but personalized reflections of your love story and the two of you!

At Honeycomb Films, we assure our clients that we are more than just another vendor—we are passionate individuals who care deeply about them and the art of capturing their day beautifully.

When you choose Honeycomb Films, you are choosing a team that understands your wedding film is not just a documentation of an event; it's a celebration of your unique love story!

groom getting ready for wedding day at Epping Forest in Jacksonville, Florida

Interested in becoming a Honeycomb Films bride? Reach out to us on our contact page!

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