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A Personal Touch: The Honeycomb Films Experience

Planning a wedding is a journey, and we believe that the experience of capturing your special day should be just as memorable as the day itself. At Honeycomb Films, we offer more than just videography and photography services—we provide a personalized experience that starts from the moment you decide to make us a part of your wedding journey.

As a husband and wife team, we bring a level of understanding and synergy to our work that is unmatched. With almost six years in the business, we have honed our craft and developed a seamless workflow that ensures the highest quality for our clients. But beyond the technicalities, being a couple ourselves allows us to connect with our clients on a deeper level.

Bride with her sisters on her wedding day at The Dogwood Barn

We understand that each couple is unique, and their wedding film should be too. Our commitment to getting to know our clients personally allows us to tailor our approach to each individual love story. We don't want to create films that follow a template; we want to craft a narrative that is uniquely yours.

From the moment you book with Honeycomb Films, we embark on a journey together. Clients opting for a combined photo and video package can expect a welcome gift as a thank you for choosing us. Approximately six months before the big day, we plan a coffee or dinner meeting to start building out a photo and video timeline tailored to your preferences. This is a great time to sit down together and start to really get to know each other! This is also the perfect time to go over all our Customizations to add anything to our Collection (like Raw Footage or Ceremony Edits)! One of our most popular Customizations for photo weddings is of course an Engagement Session!

Around the three-month mark, we check in via email, ensuring that all preparations are on track. We want you to know we are there to help in any way throughout the whole process! Two months before the wedding, we send an online form to gather all the necessary information, and at the one-month mark, we schedule a call to discuss the final details. That's when the fun really starts as the countdown is on to the wedding day! As the big day approaches, we have a final confirmation call one week prior to ensure that you feel confident in your timeline.

Katelyn and Matthew Pike, Owners of Honeycomb Films

Our intentional approach to the entire process is designed to provide an experience that goes beyond expectations. We want our clients to feel supported and confident at every step, knowing that they have a dedicated team capturing their love story with care and attention to detail.

When you choose Honeycomb Films, you're not just getting a service; you're getting an experience. From the personal connection to the thoughtful planning, we are committed to making your journey to "I Do" as special as the day itself. Interested in the Honeycomb experience? Reach out on our contact page!

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