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Meet the Dynamic Duo Behind the Lens: Katelyn and Matt Pike

Hey there! We're Katelyn and Matt Pike, a dynamic duo passionate about love, storytelling, and capturing moments that last a lifetime.

Our own love story began on Bumble in 2016, and our journey is like that of our many of our couples who, like us, found love on a dating app. Not too long after, we said a magical 'I do' at the Walt Disney World Wedding Pavilion in June 2019. While engaged we had the crazy thought "what is we became wedding videographers?". And the rest is history... kind of!

Katelyn (hi, that's me!) is a full time filmmaker, photographer, and owner of Honeycomb Films. I love storytelling, especially love stories, by adding an artistic touch that reflects the uniqueness of each couple. Meanwhile, Matt, who works full time in the world of video production, is the true creativity behind the brand. His ideas and dreams are the reason our company is where it is today - and those dreams are what are going to help us continue to grow into the future. (More information on that coming very, very soon!)

Katelyn and Matthew Pike, owners of Honeycomb Films

We're not just storytellers; we're believers in the magic of love and that all of life's sweetest moments deserve to be captured and captured well. As a married couple, we're not just professionals there to capture your day, deliver a film, and call it day. We understand the gravity of a wedding day. It's not just an event; it's a celebration of love, commitment, and the beginning of a beautiful journey. As award-winning videographers, we're committed to capturing weddings authentically while telling the couples entire love story and showcasing the most important parts of their day: big and small. All while being a support system and creating a full experience for them throughout the entire wedding planning journey and after.

The love we witness on wedding days goes beyond the ordinary. It's an honor to step into someone else's life, to capture the genuine moments that make a wedding day extraordinary. It means the world to us to be able to build community with our couples and fellow vendors while capturing couples madly in love and their families that are beside them cheering them on.

Our focus is crystal clear – weddings, both photo and video, are at the core of our passion. But Honeycomb Films doesn't stop there!! Matt also infuses his creativity into commercial projects (more information coming soon!), while Katelyn branches out with Boudoir by Katelyn, a specialized offering for brides and any woman wanting to feel empowered and looking to capture the beautiful skin they are in.

So, get ready to embark on a magical journey with us, where love, creativity, and passion converge to create a story uniquely yours!!

Curious to see your love story unfold on the big screen? Reach out to us and let's chat about capturing your wedding day!

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