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Welcome to the Honeycomb Blog

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Welcome to our blog! And get ready to hear the honest truth about what you should and should not think about when planning your big day.

Working in the wedding industry for over 5 years... we've seen it all. And by "ALL" I mean the things people don't often talk about... or don't often want to talk about... and we see these things far. too. often. Often enough that it's time someone starts telling brides about these things!!! For example:

  • Your veil WILL stick and pull on concrete. Outside wedding? Maybe rethink the cathedral veil.

  • Gum is the WORST. No one should give gum to ANYONE related to or within the bridal party... the amount of shots ruined by gum chopping is too many to count. Keep gum far away from your wedding.

  • What everyone else suggests you do for your wedding... doesn't matter. (Except practical tips, of course.) But the fact that grandma wants you to do a first dance to a certain song... doesn't matter if it's not the song you want to dance to. (We LOVE grandma, but this is your day, babe.)

In this blog we will give you the HOT. TAKES. on all the things that pop into my brain when working or editing weddings... and trust me... it's a lot. We will also showcase some of our favorite days and couples, as well as offer practical advice on the do's and don'ts surrounding all parts of a wedding.

Talk soon!

Stay up to date with all things Honeycomb by following us on Instagram. Interested in being a guest writer, or for sharing your tips & tricks or experience from your own wedding day? Reach out at

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