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Wedding Spotlight: Taylor & Will

Updated: Sep 7

Taylor and Will's day came and went in the blink of a eye! What we thought would be a total rain day - ended up being some of the most gorgeous spring weather. A little overcast with pops of sun here and there - with temps in the high 70s. Like, what cold be better!? AND - the rain held off till everyone was nice and settled into the reception.

These two are total sweet hearts, and getting to know them and their friends was the highlight of the day for us. They have surrounded themselves with amazing friends and are blessed with an awesome (and fun!) family. By the end of the day we felt like we were part of the fam - which always means so much to us!

Since they got engaged in 2021, this day was a long time coming for these two. And you could really see their personalities throughout the whole day. But on top of that, you could just tell how ready they were to be married. And it was the sweetest energy.

And how cute is this little swing by the lake for pictures? Such a great spot for couple's shots!

Here are some of the highlights from their big day:

  • The florals were gorgeous and present throughout every element of the day. Fresh, gorgeous white flowers were everywhere and it made me so happy.

  • They honored a friend who passed is a beautiful way - a saved seat for him on the front row and a picture of him on a bridesmaid's bouquet. Can't wait for you to see the shots!

  • Working with an awesome DJ we are big fans of - Wes Brawner - and 3 hours of non stop dancing

  • They used her parent's champagne flutes from their wedding and they were the prettiest things! Check them out in the teaser below!

  • The sweet caterer that made me a gluten free meal last minute when the request was accidentally not put in before the wedding day - and it was AMAZING. Haven't had Japanese food in about 8 years... I was a happy camper! Haha.

Check out their teaser now!

Feature Film, coming soon!

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