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Wedding Spotlight: Betty & Huxley Walters

Updated: Sep 7

This event was something special!

Betty and Huxley, better known at Grandma and Pop, are my (Katelyn) grandparents. These year was an exciting one as they were celebrating 50 years of marriage during the same months as my grandma's 80th birthday.

Betty is my mom's mom, and together with some other family, they planned a lovely surprise party at my uncle's house to celebrate! Everyone gathered around to surprise them and it was so fun because they had no clue!

Not only was the party a surprise, but they had also organized a vow renewal!! Grandma got bouquet and and veil, Pop had a boutonniere, and a minister from the local Methodist church joined us to conduct the ceremony.

What makes it special, is I was there to capture the whole thing! Doing both photo and video, we got to capture their reaction to the surprise, as well as their renewal of vows! We had cake (that was a replica of their cake 50 years ago), a Photo Booth, and lots of dancing in the kitchen.

I pray that in 50 years Matt and I are as cute and happy as they are!

Highlight Film and Pictures Coming Soon!

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