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Suit Colors... and the bride's make up

I am all for the fact that the wedding day is a day for the groom just as much as it is for the bride. There are two partners going into marriage together, and the wedding day is for both of them!

There is always so much prepping and planning that goes into the bride's wedding dress and what she is going to wear on the wedding day. But what about the groom? The groom deserves to stand out just like the bride!

Here are a few ways grooms can stand out:

  • Wear a bow tie while the groomsmen wear a tie

  • Wear a different color bow tie or tie from the groomsman

  • Wear a different color suit, or suit jacket, than others in the bridal party!

Different color suits, or jackets, are my favorite option here! However, as someone who has seen it time and time again, I feel as though I must say... the bride's makeup will get on your suit. You guys will want to snuggle up and hug on each other all day! (As you should!!) Wearing a white jacket is an awesome look, but a lighter the suit jacket color, the harder the make up is to come off the jacket. The darker the jacket color, the easier it is to dust right off! Or blend right in.

And you might just say, "well just photoshop it out!" And what a great idea... and in photos we (or your photographer) can do their best to blend that out... BUT in video. That isn't going to be an option. Video's don't allow for photoshopping like a photo does. We can hid certain things, and do a little movie magic, but we cannot do that for every shot the groom is in.

Some people may not care! And that's great - you wear that white jacket proudly!! BUT. Like I said, I've seen it time and time again and it's just something people don't often think about. So, here I am to make sure that future brides and grooms know when choosing the grooms attire!

The more you know :)

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